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Can hold items from one room.: chest of drawers, small mattress set, several boxes, chairs, desk, file cabinet and small items


This unit is great for larger furniture, tools, motorcycles, etc.


The most popular size unit and is comparable in size to a bedroom. Good for multiple bedrooms of furniture, appliances, atv’s, construction material, etc. Should hold items in a 15’ moving truck.


An ideal unit for 2-3 bedrooms of furniture. Nearly the size of a small single car garage. Would make a perfect office away from home. Will accommodate goods held in a 20’ moving truck.


This unit is roughly the size of a single car garage. Good for 4+ bedrooms of furniture, cars, trailers, etc. Will hold items in a 25’ moving truck.


This unit is perfect for a vehicle and a couple bedrooms of furniture. 5 Or more bedrooms of furniture should comfortably fit into this unit.


Our largest unit is sufficient for vehicles, boats, pallets of merchandise and more. This unit is adequate for 30’+ moving truck of items.